Core Values

facta is committed to fostering an environment of integrity, trust and honesty with employees, clients and suppliers. We maintain the highest ethical standards of research.

facta continues to deliver products and services of consistently high quality that provide our clients with value that meets or exceeds their expectations. Continuous improvements to processes, products and services are an ongoing commitment.

facta strives to exceed the expectations of our external and internal customers in terms of client service, timing and flexibility. The company and its employees are perceived as available, approachable and dependable.

Caring Company
facta genuinely cares about its employees not only from a professional standpoint, but a personal one as well. We will strive to provide opportunities for training and support to allow each and every employee to achieve his/her full potential. We are committed to providing a healthy balance between professional and family responsibilities.

facta’s teamwork and communication style demonstrates mutual respect for one another and recognizes and values the contributions of each employee.

Fun Place to Work
facta is, above all, an enjoyable place to work. Our employees are focused on learning—on every project, ever y day.

facta maintains financial stability through carefully planned corporate growth and increased levels of profitability.

Strategic Planning
facta is dedicated to a proactive process of strategic planning with clearly defined goals, implementation and re-evaluation

The world's top global players in the healthcare industry entrust facta as their strategic research and consulting partner.